Calendar 2019-20 Calendar 2019-20

Schedule of Holidays Session 2019-20

13-Apr Saturday Ram Navami
14-Apr Sunday Ambedkar Jayanti
17-Apr Wednesday Mahaveer Jayanti
19-Apr Friday Good Friday
16-May to 23- June Thursday - Sunday Grade- Nursery to 8 (Summer Break)
16- May to 16- June Thursday - Sunday Grade- 9 to 10 (Summer Break)
12-Aug Monday Bakr Id/ Eid-ul-Adha
15- Aug. Thursday Independence Day & Raksha Bandhan
24- Aug. Saturday Janmashtami
01- Sept. Sunday Muharram
08- Oct. Tuesday Dusshera
25 Oct to 29- Oct. Friday - Tuesday Diwali Break
12- Nov. Tuesday Gurunanak Jayanti
25- Dec to 05 Jan Wednesday - Sunday Winter Break Grade Nursery - 5
25- Dec to 01 Jan Wednesday - Wednesday Winter Break Grade 6 - 10
15-Jan-20 Wednesday Makar Sakranti
21-Feb-20 Friday Maha Shivratri
10 & 11 March Tuesday - Wednesday Holi

Important Days & Festivals Session 2019-20

Date Day Event Event 1 Event 2
1-Apr-19 Monday April Fool Day    
2-Apr-19 Tuesday International Childrens Book Day    
5-Apr-19 Friday National Meri Time Day    
6-Apr-19 Saturday World Health Day    
8-Apr-19 Monday World Tradition Day    
10-Apr-19 Wednesday Sibblings Day    
11-Apr-19 Thursday National Safe motherhood Day    
13-Apr-19 Saturday Jalianwala Baug Massacare Day    
18-Apr-19 Thursday World Heritage Day    
20-Apr-19 Saturday National Civil Service Day    
22-Apr-19 Monday Earth Day    
23-Apr-19 Tuesday World Book and Copyright day    
24-Apr-19 Wednesday Panchayat Raj Diwas Administrative Professionals Day  
26-Apr-19 Friday Water Conservation day    
27-Apr-19 Saturday World Dance Day    
1-May-19 Wednesday International Labour Day    
3-May-19 Friday International Press Freedom Day    
6-May-19 Monday World Laughter Day    
8-May-19 Wednesday International Red Cross Day    
9-May-19 Thursday International Receptionist Day    
11-May-19 Saturday National Technology Day International Mother's Day  
15-May-19 Wednesday World Family Day    
18-May-19 Saturday World Museum Day    
24-May-19 Friday Common Wealth Day    
31-May-19 Friday World Anti Tobacco Day    
1-Jun-19 Saturday World Milk Day    
5-Jun-19 Wednesday World Environment Day    
8-Jun-19 Saturday World Ocean Day    
12-Jun-19 Wednesday World Day Against Child Labour    
14-Jun-19 Friday World Blood Donor Day    
16-Jun-19 Sunday Father's Day    
18-Jun-19 Tuesday International Picnic Day    
21-Jun-19 Friday World Music Day International Day of Yoga  
1-Jul-19 Monday Doctor's Day    
2-Jul-19 Tuesday World UFO Day    
11-Jul-19 Thursday World Population Day    
17-Jul-19 Wednesday World Day for International Justice    
26-Jul-19 Friday Kargil Victory Day    
27-Jul-19 Saturday Central Reserve Police Force Foundation Day World Nature Conservation Day World Hepatitis Day
29-Jul-19 Monday Global Tiger Day    
First week of August Plantation Day    
3-Aug-19 Saturday National Sisters Day    
6-Aug-19 Tuesday Hiroshima Day    
7-Aug-19 Wednesday National Handloom Day    
8-Aug-19 Thursday Nagasaki Day    
12-Aug-19 Monday International Youth Day    
14-Aug-19 Wednesday Celebration of Independece Day & Rakshabandhan    
19-Aug-19 Monday World Photography Day    
20-Aug-19 Tuesday Sabdhavna Diwas    
21-Aug-19 Wednesday World Senior Citizen Day    
23-Aug-19 Friday Janmashtami    
29-Aug-19 Thursday National Sports Day    
2-Sep-19 Monday Coconut Day Ganesh Chaturthi  
5-Sep-19 Thursday Teacher's Day    
7-Sep-19 Saturday International Literacy Day    
14-Sep-19 Saturday Hindi Diwas    
16-Sep-19 Monday World Ozone Day    
21-Sep-19 Saturday International Day of Peace    
25-Sep-19 Wednesday Social Justice Day    
27-Sep-19 Friday World Turisiom Day    
2-Oct-19 Wednesday International Day of Non Violience    
3-Oct-19 Thursday World Nature Day  
4-Oct-19 Friday World Animal Welfare Day    
5-Oct-19 Saturday World Teacher Day World Wild Life Day  
7-Oct-19 Monday World Habitat    
8-Oct-19 Tuesday International Air Force Day    
10-Oct-19 Thursday World Mental Helath Day National Post Day National Marine Animal Day
11-Oct-19 Friday International Girl Child Day    
12-Oct-19 Saturday World Sight Day World Calamity Control Day  
16-Oct-19 Wednesday World Food Day Boss Day  
22-Oct-19 Tuesday Fregrance Day - 2019    
23-Oct-19 Wednesday Fregrance Day - 2019    
24-Oct-19 Thursday Fregrance Day - 2019    
24-Oct-19 Thursday UNO Day    
7-Nov-19 Thursday Infant Protection Day Wrold Cancer Awareness Day  
10-Nov-19 Sunday International Science Day Transprot Day  
11-Nov-19 Monday National Education Day    
14-Nov-19 Thursday Children's Day    
21-Nov-19 Thursday World Fisheries Day World Television Day  
26-Nov-19 Tuesday National Law Day    
30-Nov-19 Saturday Flag Day World Aids Day  
3-Dec-19 Tuesday World Disability Day    
4-Dec-19 Wednesday Indian NAVY Day    
7-Dec-19 Saturday Airforce Flag Day (Armed)    
10-Dec-19 Tuesday World Human rights Day    
11-Dec-19 Wednesday UNISCEF Day    
14-Dec-19 Saturday National Energy Conservation Day    
18-Dec-19 Wednesday Sports Day - 2019    
19-Dec-19 Thursday Sports Day - 2019    
20-Dec-19 Friday Sports Day - 2019    
21-Dec-19 Saturday Sports Day - 2019    
22-Dec-19 Sunday Sports Day - 2019    
23-Dec-19 Monday Sports Day - 2019    
24-Dec-19 Tuesday Sports Day - 2019 Christmas Day celebration National Mathematics Day/ Kissan Diwas
1-Jan-20 Wednesday Army Medical Corps Establishment Day    
9-Jan-20 Thursday NRI Day    
10-Jan-20 Friday World Laughter Day    
11-Jan-20 Saturday National Youth Day    
14-Jan-20 Tuesday Makar Sankranti Army Day celebration  
26-Jan-20 Sunday Republic Day     
30-Jan-20 Thursday Martyr's Day Basant Panchmi  National Cleanliness Day
20-Feb-20 Friday Internationl Mother Language Day    
24-Feb-20 Monday National Bee Day    
28-Feb-20 Friday National Science Day    
4-Mar-20 Wednesday National Security Day    
9-Mar-20 Monday Holi Celebration International Women's Day  
14-Mar-20 Saturday National Safety Day    
15-Mar-20 Sunday World Consumer Day    
16-Mar-20 Monday National Vaccination Day    
19-Mar-20 Thursday National Disabled Day    
20-Mar-20 Friday World Sparrow Day    
21-Mar-20 Saturday World Forestry Day    
22-Mar-20 Sunday World Day of Water    
27-Mar-20 Friday World Drama Day    

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