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I wandered lonely as a cloud
That floats on high o'er vales and hills,
When all at once I saw a crowd,
A host, of golden daffodils ;
Beside the lake, beneath the trees,
Fluttering and dancing in the breeze.

These lines were written by William Wordsworth from his remarkable poem “DAFFODILS”, were stimulated by an event on 15 April 1802 when Wordsworth along with his sister Dorothy witnessed a 'long belt' of dazzling daffodils. As that day Wordsworth was induced by that wondrous 'flash sight' of ten thousand cheerful daffodils, so was me by the great vision of my father Late Shri Maniram Kulhari (R.A.S.). His visionary vision educed my interest to set the mission of laying the foundation of this institution; of DAFFODILS WORLD SCHOOL.
Those daffodils rejuvenated the poet's mind and through his poem 'DAFFODILS' he did the same to his readers. Daffodils always stand for rejuvenation as it symbolizes 'rebirth; mirth of a new beginning. DAFFODILS WORLD SCHOOL, in the same fashion, has kept on uplifting its' frame of fame since 2008 in an unmatchable and exemplary notion in the field of transforming and rejuvenating those lives who fortunate themselves by enrolling them to be the part of their journey of growth; the journey of being a DAFFODILIAN.
The knowledge attained through education helps to open myriad doors towards the plethora of opportunities. There lies a vast sky for better prospects in career preferences and in their growth.
We should always remember that a student synonymise a learner and for a learner it is the prime duty to learn good, unlearn bad and keep the spirit high to learn lifelong because “life never stops teaching”. Today's leaders are yesterday's learners and even will be of tomorrow's. In the classroom of life, we learn the lessons of HUMANITY, GENEROSITY, COMPASSION, EMPATHY, VALUES, HONESTY, SELF-ESTEEM, and RESPONSIBILITY, along with the training for SETTING THE GOAL, DARE TO DREAM, ASPIRE TO ACHIEVE. These are all lessons and training we impart here in DAFFODILS WORLD SCHOOL.
At the end of an academic session, a sky-scraping score sheet definitely defines a student's intellectual excellence and mirrors their toil towards accumulating academic wisdom. No way to disagree that, Grades do generate; Percentiles do shine; Mark sheets are meant to feel mesmerized.... but attach and to forward to be gazed at by some authority to measure the price of position and place in a respective organization and post job interviews, finally to file-up. But we should never unnotice that section of students who with their 'off-white grades' and 'red-inked notebooks', probably are the makers of a sparkling mark in the society of tomorrow. They are perhaps not born to 'score big' in their school score sheet but to 'achieve big' in the scoreboard of life's bigger school.
And in both the spheres of these shining stars of tomorrow, what remains with each of them as their most cherished childhood memory is an 'Echo of a voice; the voice which, with 'a pat on the back' always assures “I am matter how many times you fail, I'll stand by your side...” it is the voice of a teacher; the teacher; their teacher. Perchance that is exactly what Teaching is all about.
DAFFODILS WORLD SCHOOL is fortunate to be embraced by the team of such fathomless facilitators who furnish their benign attributes acting no less than a parently figure rather than a simple teacher.

So, on the voyage of nurturing the future, I am feeling content to open the doors of DAFFODILS WORLD SCHOOL to welcome a fresh batch of Daffodilians.

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